Maintaining bias-free job ads is a crucial task, yet it can be challenging, especially when you’re unsure of potential biases or have unintentionally included bias in what seemed like a neutral job ad (this is commonly known as “unconscious bias”).

Luckily, we have a nifty tool in our arsenal that can help you – but I’m getting ahead of myself…

Let’s uncover why having bias-free job adverts matter.

The Unseen Barriers in Job Ads

Job advertisements are your first step in attracting talent BUT they can be riddled with unconscious bias. These biases can unintentionally discourage certain candidates from applying, affecting your ability to build a diverse and inclusive team.

Why It’s Important to Create Bias-Free Job Adverts?

    • Equal Opportunities: We all deserve a level playing field, right? By removing bias from your job ads, you ensure that every candidate, regardless of their background, feels welcome to apply.
    • Attracting Diverse Talent: Diversity is a gold mine of fresh perspectives and ideas. Bias-free ads attract a broader pool of candidates, giving you a more varied and creative team.
    • Legal Compliance: Discriminatory job ads can land you in hot water legally. By using the “Bias Buster,” you stay on the right side of the law.

The Power of the “Bias Buster

Here’s where we come in. We have developed an AI powered tool that we like to call our “Bias Buster” and it is the true hero of this story. It scans your job ads, identifies potential biases, and offers suggestions to make them more inclusive. It’s like having a diversity and inclusion expert right at your fingertips.

Screenshot of the Bias Buster

Example: Imagine you’re advertising a management role, and your job ad unconsciously uses gender-biased language. The “Bias Buster” steps in, highlights the issue, and suggests alternative wording that’s gender-neutral. By making this small change, your ad becomes more appealing to a broader range of candidates. It’s a subtle but powerful transformation that our “Bias Buster” makes possible.

Our Bias Buster is free to use but whenever you sign up to, you get a bitesize version on your Employer Dashboard that’s readily available to you whenever you need to check ANYTHING for bias.

Screenshot of the Quick Bias Checker available on the Dashboard

A Fairer, More Inclusive Future

Checking your job ads for bias is more than just a good idea; it’s a must-do for a fair and diverse workplace. And with the “Bias Buster” by your side, it’s easier than ever. So, get ready to break down barriers and create a brighter, more inclusive future for your company.

Our “Bias Buster” is just ONE of many DEI features we offer on our Inclusive Hiring Platform – So sign up today to, or book a demo with us via our contact page, and start creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace for all.

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Written by Katie Ashenhurst – Digital Design Engineer