Introducing HR Star, Your Compassionate People Partner. Now live on to support their clients to attract and retain intersectional talent.

So, let’s learn more about HR Star!😀

A B Corp Accredited HR consultancy whose people-led values shine through their business and in turn, massively supports customers.

From employee engagement and workplace well-being to learning and development, HR Star has you covered. 

What sets them apart?

Bringing an unbiased perspective, free from the unconscious biases often associated with in-house teams. 

Their commitment to inclusive recruitment is evident with using, our nifty DE&I assessment has assigned the following values with HR Star, based on their company ethos:

How can HR Star help you?
Partnering with HR Star is like having a trusted friend by your side, a companion filled with knowledge to help you grow every step of the way. 

You can join the HR Star Membership for as little as £95 per month, and this unlocks a range of vital support including resources, templates, and videos to keep you right throughout your people operations growth.

  • People Insights
  • HR Documentation 
  • Ongoing People Support
    People Strategy 
  • Learning & Development 
 To learn more about how HR Star can help you grow your business, check out their website: