This month we did a little deep dive on a random sample of data from our platform, because we wanted to know what Job Seekers where really looking for.

Also, as an inclusive hiring platform, it’s important for us to know our user demographics, so that we can better support them.

Platform Demographic

So, what did we find out?

Hybrid Working remains as the most searched work location with 37% of users selecting this option.

#1 Benefit is flexible working, but as most employers now offer this as standard we’d like to highlight the #2 most sought-after benefit is financial assistance with Learning & Development.

Most searched value: Employers are asked to complete an onboarding process where they select from a list of company values and job seekers can search these. This month Transparent Promotion Process was #1 with Neurodiverse narrowly behind at #2.

On average, job seekers using will spend 11 minutes online searching employer profiles and applying for jobs.

Advertising Salaries: This should be of no surprise, but employers who showed salaries along with their jobs, received 83% more applicants compared to adverts with no salaries.

 Most used feature: The CV Builder remains the #1 feature for job seekers and has so far created 400+ CVs!


What does the BEST BENEFITS package look like?

Best Benefits Package

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