As a jobseeker during the festive period, you might find yourself wondering how to navigate the job market during the holidays. Contrary to popular belief, this period can be a strategic time for career advancement.

Let’s explore practical steps that jobseekers can take to make the most of the Christmas and holiday season for their professional growth.

Reflect on Achievements and Set Goals for the New Year

Take a moment to look back on your wins this year – what did you conquer? Consider your professional growth, challenges overcome, and skills acquired. Taking advantage of the quieter holiday period to reflect on your career achievements throughout the year can be used as a way to reflect and set realistic/ inspiring goals for the upcoming year.

Revamp and Optimise Your CV

Give that resume of yours a little tinsel touch. Update your CV to include any new skills, certifications, or experiences gained throughout the year. Tailor your resume for specific job opportunities you’re targeting.

Building a CV can be a daunting task, but you can you Diverse Talent’s free CV builder to help you build it. We’ve even built in an AI assistant to help you with things like job role descriptions and duties. Give it a go by signing up here: ,Diverse Talent Jobs Platform

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A polished and up-to-date CV will give you a head start when the job market becomes more active in the new year.

And on that note…

Create or Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Speaking as an ex-recruiter myself, LinkedIn in one of the top places recruiters find potential candidates for their roles, so dust off your LinkedIn profile and give it a little glow-up – and if you don’t have one, get one!

Add those recent accomplishments, new skills, endorse a friend or two, and make your presence known to the professional world. Engage with industry-related content and connect with professionals in your field. A strong LinkedIn pres

ence can attract recruiters and potential employers – plus it’s a great place to do a deeper dive on potential companies you’d be interested in working for.

Which leads me to…

A phone screen with diverse talents company information on it

Research and Identify Target Companies

While you’re lounging around, do some light company research. Check out places you’d love to work, snoop around their vibes, and tailor your job search game plan. Use ,Diverse Talent’s Job Seeking Platform which makes it easy to do things just like this – learning about companies in more detail than you ever could before on other job sites.

It’s like finding the perfect holiday playlist – but for jobs. Identify their values, culture, and recent achievements. Tailor your job search strategy by targeting companies that align with your career goals and values.

Skill Development and Training

The holiday break is an excellent time to invest in your skillset. Check out some online courses or webinars – the kind you can enjoy in your comfiest PJs. Consider participating in workshops relevant to your industry. Enhancing your skills not only adds value to your resume but also demonstrates your commitment to continuous improvement.

Network Strategically at Festive Events

Don’t underestimate the power of holiday events for networking. Attend virtual or in-person gatherings, connect with professionals in your industry, and seize the opportunity to share your career goals and who knows – you might unwrap a few opportunities.

Volunteer and Give Back to the Community

Spread some holiday cheer by volunteering. It’s a win-win – you give back to the community, and it’s a cool addition to your resume. Employers appreciate candidates who demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility.

Taking a moment during the holidays to invest in your next career opportunity

So, jobseekers, let’s make this holiday season work for you. The holiday season offers jobseekers a unique chance to strategically position themselves for success in the job market Reflect on your wins, jazz up that resume, boost your skills, mingle at holiday events, spread some good vibes through volunteering, update your LinkedIn, and unwrap your dream companies.

Embrace the festive season as a time for personal and professional growth, setting the stage for a prosperous new year.

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Written by Katie Ashenhurst – Digital Design Engineer