It is no surprise that many of us are moving jobs more frequently, the traditional 1 job for life is now a rarity and belongs in the same generation as VHS tapes and Typewriters.

According to a 2017 Forbes article, millennials will move jobs at least 5 times before they reach 35 years old.

Whilst there is a variety of reasons for this including financial, location, ethics, and career growth, ultimately people no longer have total loyalty to one company and can easily move on to the next best thing if they aren’t getting what they need from their current employer.

Even within the current crisis climate with Covid19, Brexit and a recession, Diverse Talent has still noted a steady employment market for niche skills, especially Software Development, Data Science, Sales and Finance.


If you work in a high demand area, no doubt you’ll have been contacted or headhunted by recruiters and internal talent acquisitions teams and you’ll also note 100’s of live jobs posted on LinkedIn and local job boards.

Covid19 and Working from Home

Due to Covid19 and continual lockdowns, the employment landscape has seen a massive change in office culture and operational structure. Seemingly, all the office perks such as Snooker Tables, Free breakfasts, and Bike to Work schemes, are now redundant.

No one really knows how the employment sector will return to office life, but we do know that 75% of firms surveyed by the IoD will maintain or increase home working.

Selecting your new employer

Whilst most companies will display and advocate their values, now is the time to understand your core values and if moving jobs, how to shortlist companies that match them.

When a new company chooses to partner with us, they are required to complete and an onboarding document which includes the below checklist, this provides evidence of their Diversity & Inclusion dedication.

Listing your desires or core values will help you choose a company that can meet your ethics as well as your career goals.

Look out for partnerships, awards, and accreditations

Typically, companies who are dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion in their workforce, will have some sort of affiliation or accreditation with an external group or awarding body. By collaborating with an external body, these companies are usually both financially and actively committed to employee culture.

Some names to look for – Diversity Mark NI, Stonewall, AWARE, Forbes Top Company, Women Who Code, B Corps and Investors in People.

Using your Core Values

Keep a note of your core values and write down what is important for you in your next employer or career. This is particularly helpful if you are successful in multiple interviews and are offered several positions, by maintaining your core values list, it will make for easier decision making.

You can use your core values when speaking with recruiters, reviewing job descriptions, company profiles and in your interviews.

Raise questions such as, “How do employees gain new skills”, “What Diversity measures do you have in place” or “Does the company have any accreditations or awards”

Research and talk to your network

Before buying an expensive item, typically we will review the product online, read all customer reviews and probably speak to someone who already has the item.

Moving jobs is no different, you should do your own high-level due diligence and speak to your network.

This could include people who already or have worked there, recruiters representing you, or local charities you may be involved with.

A good tool to use in your research is LinkedIn, here you can review current employees and how long they have spent with the company.

You can also use social media to see a more in-depth and localised version of a company, compared to their corporate website. Often, companies will use LinkedIn, Twitter, or Slack to advertise their social engagement and highlight their company culture.

Checklist Example

Last, but not least..

Choosing your next employer or making a career move is a big decision and you should always research as best as you can. Partnering with experienced recruitment professionals should help you throughout this process, tell recruiters your core values and career expectations, and ask them for companies that match these.

Diverse Talent Careers is a specialist employment company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our team has over 10 years of experience building teams, headhunting niche skills and helping people make the right career move.

We work with companies who are dedicated to Diversity & Inclusion, employee well-being and provide a fair recruitment cost that supports company growth.

Contact our team to explore how we can help your career move or hire for your company.