So You Want To Work In Tech? Here’s What You Can Do…

The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world and recruitment experts are saying that there will be an increase in job availability in the tech sector by at least 10% over the course of the coming year. In fact, reports show that at the height of the pandemic when businesses were closing and companies weren’t hiring, the tech sector was still growing with a growth rate of 36% since the lockdown peak.

Companies and organisations throughout the UK and around the world are in need of talented people who have both skills and experience. Many companies are even willing to train the right candidates and are offering reimbursement for trade school or online course costs.

Start A Career In Tech

So how can you start a new career in this fast-growing industry? The answer is easier than you think. In fact, in just a few short months, you could have the training you need for an entry-level IT position with a global tech company.

The first step in gaining the training required for a career in tech is to find the right online course for you. You want a course that offers the information you need, the certifications you want, and that can work around your schedule. Many people who take online courses to gain the skills they need already have jobs or families to care for and their schedules are often a bit crazy at times. You can find a wide range of courses by simply doing an online search, or you can find reputable courses on LinkedIn.

Northern Ireland Specific:

In our experience, the NI tech scene is a very welcoming community and is actively promoting inclusivity for technologists of all levels.

Over the last several years, we have seen our local academic institutions offer specific further education courses for technology.

  • Catalyst Co-Founder Programme is an amazing opportunity for you to join a start-up and grow your skills, this programme is open to anyone from any background. You can choose to join with a ‘business idea’ or to join a team:

Learn New Skills On Coursera

Coursera is a popular site that offers a wide range of courses offered by leading universities and companies from all over the world. For an all-inclusive monthly subscription price, Coursera offers unlimited access to 3,000+ courses, hands-on projects, and job-ready certificate programs.

How To Gain Experience

This is probably the biggest hurdle you may have in your journey, but it’s not impossible to obtain experience.

  • Join freelancer platforms such as Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, or Bark, here you can compete for work and start to build your portfolio.

  • Use LinkedIn to network with local professionals, sign up for events and webinars

  • Build your own online brand using website builders such as WordPress or Wix, use this site to promote your skills on social media

  • Regularly contribute to GitHub or online Hackathons

Salary Realisation

One important factor to consider is that if you are already employed in a professional position, you might have to take a pay cut as you begin your career in the tech industry. This salary reduction is important in order to obtain an entry-level role, once you’ve gained sufficient experience, you will quickly grow your salary to a level that you are comfortable with again.