Picture this: a hub where you, as a unique individual, connect with ethical employers, immerse in enlightening discussions about Diversity & Inclusion, and support top-notch employers in elevating their brand. Welcome to DiverseTalent.ai!

From the moment of our inception, we’ve believed in the power of collaboration. We trust our vibrant community and our brilliant partners in helping us fine-tune our vision. Now, as we continue to evolve, we’re excited to extend an invitation to you: help us shape the future of our platform.

Be the creative genius behind our features, design, and mission.

Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It…

Below, you’ll find two unique designs that we, alongside our ingenious partners at Big Motive, have been meticulously crafting. We’d love for you to be the judge, to let us know which resonates with you or to offer us your invaluable insights.

Here are a few guiding principles we’re committed to preserving:

Inclusive Accessibility: Crafting software can be a puzzle (our engineers can vouch for that), but ensuring it’s visible and readable for everyone is our non-negotiable. Your opinion will help us make our platform even more accessible.

User-Friendly Navigation: We’re all about making the user journey seamless. No needless form-filling, no irrelevant sign-up prompts. Just a straight path to where you want to be.

Clarity of Content: Our ultimate mission is to help job seekers easily identify the right employers. Your feedback can help us refine this process.

Engaging Design: We aspire to mirror our vibrant community’s essence through our design. Help us make this aspiration a reality.


Design Concept A


Design Concept B

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together. We’re eagerly awaiting your feedback and your ideas. After all, DiverseTalent.ai is not just our platform – it’s yours too.