I’m not even going to sugar-coat it – if we have closed-minded approaches to our recruitment processes, we can kiss diversity goodbye. Want a more inclusive workplace? It’s not going to happen… not unless we start becoming more open with our hiring processes.

Let’s get straight into it and talk about…

The Power of Open-Mindedness

You know, it’s easy to fall into the trap of making quick judgments or being influenced by preconceived notions. But if we want to create a truly inclusive and equitable workplace, we’ve got to resist those tendencies.

When we keep an open mind, we’re saying, “Hey, I’m not going to let personal biases or stereotypes cloud my judgment.” Instead, we focus on what really matters: qualifications, skills, and potential. This isn’t just about being fair; it’s about making smart business decisions.

The Equal Opportunity Champion

Imagine a world where every candidate has an equal shot at a job. When we approach each candidate with an open mind, that world gets a little bit closer. We’re giving everyone a fair chance, regardless of their background.

It’s like a level playing field where the best person for the job wins. No more “old boys’ clubs” or favouritism – just good old meritocracy.

Boosting Workplace Inclusion

By keeping an open mind, we’re actively putting diversity and inclusion at the forefront of our decision-making process. We’re saying, “We value different perspectives, and we want them in our team.”

This doesn’t just make us look good; it makes us better. Diverse teams are more innovative, creative, and adaptable. Having a diverse team is the secret to solving problems and reaching a wider range of customers. Inclusion is good for business, plain and simple.

Sam - a cartoon style man sitting in an office with his arms folded

Meet Sam: A Surprising Superstar

Imagine you’re sifting through a pile of CVs for a project manager position. Most of the applications are from candidates with impressive corporate backgrounds, top university degrees, and extensive experience in multinational companies.

Then there’s Sam’s CV. Sam didn’t attend a prestigious university, and their previous job was in a local start-up. But as you read through the resume, you notice something remarkable – they initiated a community project that improved the efficiency of a local food bank. Their passion and ability to lead a diverse team shine through.n

Now, without an open mind, you might have dismissed Sam’s application and stuck with the more conventional candidates. But you decide to invite Sam for an interview, intrigued by their unconventional background and the impact they’ve made in their community.

During the interview, you discover Sam’s exceptional communication skills, innovative problem-solving, and a dedication to social responsibility. Sam’s enthusiasm and fresh perspective on project management are refreshing. You realise that Sam’s unique qualities and community-focused approach could be a game-changer for your team and your projects.

You decide to take a chance and offer Sam the job. And what happens next? Sam turns out to be a superstar, bringing fresh ideas, fostering teamwork, and achieving outstanding results that benefit both the company and the community. By keeping an open mind, you didn’t just find a great employee; you transformed your team and brought in someone who made a real difference.

This example demonstrates how keeping an open mind during the recruitment process can lead to discovering exceptional talent that traditional criteria might overlook. It’s all about looking beyond the expected and embracing the diversity of thought and experience to find those hidden gems that can make your team and your business shine.

The Future of Recruitment

We live in a diverse world and as such, open-minded recruitment is not only a MUST for the future, but for RIGHT NOW. It’s not just about being politically correct; it’s about being ahead of the game. Don’t let your business suffer because you’ve fallen behind and failed to implement more open recruitment processes.

So, the next time you’re reviewing a candidate, remember to keep an open mind. Look beyond the surface, see the potential, and embrace diversity. Your company and your team will thank you for it.

What now?

Maybe you feel like you’re “just a recruiter” and that you aren’t the one capable of making the changes necessary to restructure the recruitment and hiring process… but shouldn’t you at least try? Send this article to the big boss in charge…

… and if the person reading this IS the big boss in charge, then this next bit is directed at you:

It’s time to be the leader I know you’re meant to be. Embrace diversity, champion inclusion, and keep those minds wide open. Your next star employee could be someone you never expected – so it’s time to embrace open-minded recruitment processes. It’s okay if you don’t know where to start, we can help.

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Written by Katie Ashenhurst – Digital Design Engineer